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Photography During Covid-19

COVID-19 has been a burden on all of us.. In this time, my heart breaks for so many people.

One group of people specifically weigh heavy on my heart - and that's birthers and new families.

At the moment, our hospital and midwives are limiting the people in the delivery room, at the midwife clinic, and at homebirths to 1 support person. This had made my job of capturing births nearly impossible.

I say nearly because I've had to get creative...


Meet Josh & Fan

This incredible pair of dads came all the way from China to welcome both of their boys here in Sudbury. The birth of their first son, Parker was a beautifully heartwarming and emotional experience. I had the pleasure of capturing his birth in both photos and film. It is truly a birth I will never forget.

Their second son, Otis has a much different birth story. He was born on June 30th, 2020, in the midst of COVID. Josh and Fan had to overcome many hurdles to even get here for his birth. For a long time, it looked like they wouldn't be allowed in the room for his birth and that broke my heart.

When we finally got word that they would be allowed in the room for the moment of birth, I came up with a plan to document as much of it as possible without being physically present.. With their help, I was still able to deliver a beautiful gallery of birth images along with a birth and newborn film.

All of the photos shown below were taken by Fan on my backup camera and edited by me. While Fan is not a photographer himself, he was able to capture some really beautiful moments.

I understand that some of you may be thinking that birth photography seems unnecessary while in the midst of a pandemic, but I would actually argue the opposite. Whether or not we'll really want to remember this time in the years to come, this is history in the making.. Babies born in this time will always be the babies born during a global pandemic. It's a part of their story and yours. 

I feel that with everything going on, the world could use more beauty. New life always brings hope and joy. Let's make something beautiful together so that you have something beautiful to look back on. Let's bring hope to other families struggling with the idea of changing their birth plans. Let's tell your child's birth story through beautiful images that show how strong you are and how you persevered despite the challenges you faced, to bring them into this world surrounded by love.

Ok... but how would that work anyway?

Great question! With Josh and Fan, I asked them to record videos on their phones and take photos with my camera. However I have a few other ideas if you're uncomfortable with the idea of using my camera.
For example, if you were planning a hospital birth, I could come to your home during early labour and document you preparing to go to the hospital, kissing your older children goodbye, your beautiful belly before it disappears, and driving off to the hospital. Once your baby is born, I could meet you outside of the hospital for a "coming home" and Newborn session. I would follow you home and carry on as I would with a regular Newborn session. The first sibling or grandparent meetings, getting settled in at home and cuddling with your new family on the couch.

For a midwife clinic birth, it would be much of the same. Documenting early labour before heading to the clinic and then a coming home and Newborn session.

For a home birth, we'd have a little more flexibility and opportunity to get more creative. I picture joining you for early labour before your midwife arrives. Then perhaps I could go outside. I could document your birth through a window or maybe you'd like to labour outside for some time. Is it ideal? Nope! But I think it would do a wonderful job of showcasing the times we are in and how much things have changed.

The options are endless and would absolutely be tweaked to each individual family and what works best for you. Please contact me to see how we can plan your birth story.
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